With foresight and responsibility

into the future.

Forsage Holdings is a family owned Irish holding company active in real estate alternative funding and investments in early stage Fintech, Biotech, Renewables, Telecoms, and MobileWeb startups.


We transform promising business ideas into sustainable and profitable companies.

Since 2008 Forsage Holdings through its investments has attained annual growth in its revenues and profits in each and every year.

Through its holdings it now operates in five countries in Europe.

The management team is internationally experienced and has a blend of expertise spanning different professions and industries including Investment Banking, Corporate Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions, International trading and Sales & Marketing.

The strategic objective of Forsage Holdings is to identify and invest in businesses which can produce sustainable and scalable free cash in industries within its areas of expertise whilst reinvesting surplus cash through its property funding business.

Forsage Holdings has balanced its investments in the fast moving technology and telecommunications sectors with longer term investments in Biotechnology, Real Estate and Renewable energy production.

Through successful investing in cash generating business the company can self fund further investments and has obviated the need for external debt.

Throughout its business dealings the group constantly is mindful of ethical, environmental and sustainability issues as it grows its businesses across the globe from its head office in Dublin, Ireland.


Your experienced business companions.

The company has a very  experienced management team with an international outlook, focused on ethical, environmental and sustainability issues as it grows its business across the globe.

Conor O'Donnel
Oliver Meister
Florentina Mihaila
Mark O'Donnell
Ciara Wyer
VC Investments
Eoin O`Connell


Forsage has already made important contributions to society.

We invested,and continue to invest, through the ‘Anne O’Donnell Foundation”, and directly in education, human health, the environment , immigration, and sports related charities and social ventures.

We are particularly interested in funding, donating, and investing in social entrepreneurship and providing support to sustainable socially beneficial ventures.

We, strongly believe that this is the best possible way to support a society with a vision and a future.

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