Start-ups at Forsage Holdings

Forsage has created a fund to support and invest in start-ups principally in the fields of ad-tech, media and telecoms. The group in many cases not only funds but also incubates the start-ups it invests in. Support services such as finance, legal, patent filing, marketing & engineering resources, coupled with seed funding, have built numerous high growth companies within its portfolio.

Although the current focus is targeted towards SaaS & PaaS with high potential growth within the areas of ad-tech, online media, and telecom infrastructure, the group is also involved and interested in mobile entertainment and e-learning propositions.

If you have a start-up project within our focus industries and are looking for initial seed funding of between 100-500,000 Euros please send us an outline of your concept through the contact section of our website.

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SaaS for Publishers wishing to re-engage with their adblocking audience


Programmatic advertising agency and self service platform (PaaS)


Application to person (A2P) text messaging and two factor authentification (2FA) security services


PaaS for QoS/QoE measurement for mobile operators and cloud telephony providers


Geo independent access to web content for established markets